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with Andy Doro

A tactile labyrinth that encourages physical interaction and play.

JellyFish is an interactive sculpture that rewards people for physically connecting with one another by lighting up different parts of its body when different connections are made. Players stand around or inside JellyFish, and enter the labyrinth by inserting their hands into holes on its surface. The holes are entrances to tunnels made of materials with varying textures. When players' hands meet inside the labyrinth, light shines to reveal a bit of the underlying structure of the labyrinth.
The Life of Monstar
with Shinyoung Park

A flash animation that is meant to encourage tired, overworked people to exercise and have fun.

Click here to view the animation
with Evrim Sahin

A luminescent dress that changes color.

Luminous is more than just a pretty dress that changes color, though it can be just that. There is a thermistor on the bust, that controls the color of the dress based on temperature. The thermistor responds to ambient temperature but is also sensitive enough to respond to a warm breath or a cool breeze. This allows for interesting interactions between the wearer and other people, as either of them can cause the dress to change color. Luminous can also be set to a mode that cycles through different colors, or to one of these colors.

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Massage Shrug

A massaging shrug that is controlled by a gesture.

I created a massage shrug, embedding vibrating motors (the kind found in cell phones) into the inside of the shrug (where the shoulderblades would be). The switch is the entire organza shawl that is attached to the shrug. When the shawl part of the shrug is down, the switch is on. When the shawl is gathered around the neck, the switch is off. You can see the conductive threads attached to the motors sticking out the back. When these make contact with the organza (which is connected to the (-) of the battery), the circuit closes and the motors vibrate, giving you a gentle massage. To make the organza conduct not only lengthwise, but also crosswise, I sewed a narrow strip of conductive fabric perpendicular to the conductive fibers of the organza.
Lists 2 Go

An applicaton that allows users to store lists of things they need to remember and retrieve them from anywhere they are, using their mobile phone.

Users generate lists of things they want to remember, by sending in an item name and the list it belongs to. The syntax for this is @category .item (also works the other way: .item @category) For example: .eggs @groceries, @movies .pi, etc). They will also be able to delete items from the list by sending: -pi @movies. (this function doesn't work yet) They can retrieve each list by sending in the name of the list. For example: sending a text with the word "movies" will return a message with the movies that were saved in that list. They can retrieve the names of their lists by sending in "lists". They can request instructions by sending in "help".
Comics o' Ajax
with Andy Doro

An online application that allows users to turn images on the web into comics.

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Foreshadowing Jacket

A jacket that warns you that something (funny/sad/scary/etc) is about to happen.

This project deals with a hunch or premonition, a sense that something is about to happen. In movies the music always prepares you or warns you that something is about to happen, and that affects the way you watch, how interpret what you see, even how you feel. We are so used to this happening in movies, so I wanted to see what effects adding a sense of foreshadowing in real life would have. I am making a jacket that plays a random piece of music based on a rather random, meaningless input (the direction of the wind? -- this idea comes from Mary Poppins). The music will be from movie soundtracks that are very suggestive of a certain mood.
Word Chaser
with Shlomit Lehavi

An interactive online application, that tracks, follows and maps the evolution of new coined words and phrases from their early stage to their global spread.

We ask users to submit instances when they hear a new word (not new to them, but new to the language), and the place where they heard the word. The end result will be an interactive, evolving map that visualizes how the use of new words or phrases spread from one place to another. As language is a reflection of the cultural zeitgeist, we are hoping that word chaser will be not only a linguistic tool that helps trace the etymology of new words, but also a description of the cultural character of different neighborhoods.

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A seamful clothing system.

ZipWear is a system of modular, reconfigurable clothes that comprise of pieces of fabric that can be zipped to each other. I came across an article about how the term "seamless" is being used a lot in technology, and how we might be better off bringing more attention to the seams, the points where things are put together, as opposed to trying to hide them. Similarly, I am taking the seams away from clothing, and replacing them with temporary resealable zips (ziplocs), to give people the freedom to experiment with their clothing and how it's put together.

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